About Me

I'm Fatimah. I'm a Palestinian American and I grew up in both the Middle East & in California, all while eating a variety of Arab/Palestinian dishes that I decided to write down to make sure I never forget how to make them. Growing up in California also opened my taste palate and creativity when it comes to making  and learning about different cultural foods, hence the intercontinental eats you can find on the blog!

I'm only 25, and I started my blog when I was 22 years old, which is more than enough proof that anyone, young or old, can learn how to make delicious food easily!


Looking for a partnership?

A crust of Knafeh dough soaked in a sweet syrup and layered upon with cream and pistachios served in a cup

If you're a company or brand looking for a creative mind that'll bring color and innovation to your products- then FalasteeniFoodie is your go to. I love merging and fusing my two vastly different upbringings together (Middle East & California) to make dishes that have unique and creative concepts. 

All of my posted content is designed for market (readers/viewers) demands. This includes but is not limited to product recommendations, authentic ethnic recipes, or simple and quick homemade dinners.