Karak chai is an amazing flavorful tweak to your favorite tea. It needs a handful of spices and you will get a sweet and spicy aromatic tea. Get ready for some delicious warmth!

Black or Ceylon tea Water Cinnamon sticks Whole cloves Cardamom Evaporated milk Sugar Ginger Saffron Star anise


Toast the spices in your pot or teapot on medium heat, for about 1 minute.


Add the water. Cut the tea bags open to drop the tea into the water.


Let it heat up and come to a boil on high heat, then add the evaporated milk.


Let it bubble up before aerating it by adding a ladle to scoop some tea and ladle it from a distance a few times. You can also remove the teapot from heat and let the bubbles come down before doing it one more time.


Strain karak tea and serve with sugar to preference. Serve and enjoy.


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