Aish El Saraya Dessert

Aish El Saraya Dessert is garnished with pistachios, a layer of soaked crusty toast bread that melts in the mouth along with a creamy orange blossom topping.

Welcome to a new journey filled with pure sweetness and a sugar rush. This Aish El Saraya Dessert will surely captivate your heart!

The simple syrup-soaked bread and the homemade clotted cream are just a great combination. Aish El Saraya features a layer of soaked toast bread that melts in the mouth, a creamy orange blossom topping, and is garnished with pistachios. A heavenly dessert just like Cranberry Orange Bundt Cake!

Aish El Saraya Dessert is garnished with pistachios a layer of soaked crusty toast bread that melts in the mouth along with a creamy orange blossom topping.
A perfect eggless dessert!

Why You Will Love Aish El Saraya Dessert?

Made with love, this Aish El Saraya Dessert is indeed a showstopper. A perfect dessert for family gatherings, holy occasions, and Eid. So what are you waiting for? Try this hearty dessert now!

Aish El Saraya is a refreshing dessert served during the summer season.

You only need a handful of ingredients to make this wonderful treat; toast, cream, syrup, and pistachios.

It requires orange blossom and rose water which makes an irresistible combo.

Aish El Saraya is such an easy treat to prepare.

There are numerous ways to decorate this delicious dessert, you could even get creative and play around with the ingredients!

Other Creative Aish El Saraya Ideas

Aish El Saraya Dessert allows you to be as creative as you want! You can replace orange blossom and rosewater with the following: cinnamon and vanilla, creamy lemon zest, and creamy strawberry flavor.

In addition, feel free to try other toppings like chopped dried fruits, nuts, cashews, roasted almonds and hazelnuts, cocoa powder, cherries, or caramel drizzle.

An eggless dessert made from soaked bread, orange blossom cream, and garnished with sweet green pistachios.
A bite from heaven!

What Makes This Dessert Super Special?

Aish El Saraya Dessert is a winning recipe! You would forever be addicted to it because of the orange blossom and rose water. These two are literally a match made in heaven! Orange blossom which is a healthy ingredient with a citrusy aroma and a vibrant fragrance would go so well with the floral sweet rose water taste.

In addition, the sweetened bread takes this recipe to a whole new level of tastiness.

It is aesthetically pleasing and super delicious which makes it an amazing treat for kids.

Let’s keep in mind that Aish El Saraya Dessert requires zero effort and is not time-consuming!

Pro Tips

Drizzle the syrup according to the size of the toast. For instance, if you used thick toast, then drizzle more syrup. You can add two layers of toast if you desired.

To help remove the slides easier, you could line your pan with parchment paper

Let the bread cool for about 10 min, then spread the cream.

To help the syrup become thick, add a squeeze of lemon juice or corn syrup.

This dessert can be prepared a day ahead.

You can turn this recipe into a gluten-free one by using soft loaf-like bread.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to use if I don’t have orange blossom?

You can use vanilla extract, lemon rind, or orange rind.

How to serve Aish El Saraya?

Aish El Saraya is best enjoyed when served cold.

How to store Aish El Saraya?

You can store it in an airtight container for up to three days in the fridge.

What other toppings can be used?

In addition to pistachios, you can add walnuts, cashews, almonds, and pine nuts.


Toast: Adds sweet delight to the dessert.

Heavy whipping Cream: It gives richness to the recipe.

Half n half: It refers to half whole milk and half heavy cream.

Cornstarch: It thickens the mixture.

Syrup: It adds a sweet sensation to the dessert.

Orange blossom: This is very crucial since it adds a wonderful authentic flavor to the cream.

Rose water: A good combo with orange blossom.

Mastic: Has an earthly musky vanilla flavor.

Sugar: Adds viscosity to the syrup.

Pistachios: It adds a crunchy and colorful decor to Aish El Saraya.

Syrup Ingredients

Sugar: It adds a sweet flavor.

Water: It is recommended to be added slowly.

Orange blossom: It adds a wonderful fragrance.

Lemon: It prevents crystalization.

Steps To Prep

First of all, cut the bread edges and place the untoasted bread in the pan. Don’t use the first and last ones.

Next, in the oven, broil the bread until it becomes golden-brownish color.

Then, in a pot, whisk the heavy whipping cream and half n half.

Gradually, add the cornstarch and whisk.

Up next, add the orange blossom, rose water, and crushed mastic. Keep whisking on medium heat until the cornstarch is fully dissolved.

Later on, once the mixture becomes thickened, turn off the heat and pour over the toast, making sure to get an even layer across the pan. 

Finally, garnish with pistachios and place in the fridge for 5 hours to be ready.

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Aish El Saraya: A Middle Eastern Dessert is equivalent to "Palace Bread." With two delicious layers and pistachios decorated on top, the toast and cream

Aish El Saraya Recipe

Are you a fan of Middle Eastern desserts and sweets? With one bite off Aish El Saraya, you would feel the great combo of orange blossom, toast, cream, and syrup. A perfect dessert prepared just for you!
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Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Total Time 45 minutes
Course Appetizer, Dessert
Cuisine Middle Eastern


  • 1 package toast ⁣
  • cups heavy whipping cream
  • cups half n half
  • 9 heaping cornstarch
  • cups simple syrup divided
  • 1 teaspoon orange blossom
  • 1 teaspoon rose water
  • ½ teaspoon mastic crushed
  • 1 teaspoon sugar

Simple Syrup

  • 5 cups sugar
  • 4 cups water
  • 2 tablespoons orange blossom
  • Lemon squeeze


  • Make your syrup and set aside to cool.
  • For the toast, cut off all the crusts, do not use the first and last piece.
  • Add toast to a sheet pan, making sure to leave no spaces in between. 
  • Place in oven at 450℉ for about 5-10 mins, or until toasted.
  • Drizzle 2 cups of simple syrup to toast, fresh out of the oven, making sure each piece has enough simple syrup on it. 
  • Set it aside. 

Cream Topping

  • Into a pot, add heavy whipping cream and half n half. 
  • Add the cornstarch, simple syrup (alternatively, add sugar but a little less), rosewater, and orange blossom. 
  • Add the crushed mastic, and whisk well until all the cornstarch is dissolved.
  • Add to the stove on medium heat and keep whisking until thickened. 
  • Gradually, the mixture should start thickening.
  • Once thickened, turn off the heat and pour over toast, making sure to get an even layer across the pan. 
  • Garnish with pistachios and place in the fridge for 5 hours to be ready.⁣


1 package of toast fills up an entire sheet pan.
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