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Homemade Ka’ak Al Quds, elegantly arranged on an antique iron platter.

Welcome to FalasteeniFoodie

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I'm Fatimah,  the content creator and recipe developer behind Falasteenifoodie. I created my Instagram blog in a moment of desperation. I lived far away from home and needed to keep myself busy and also keep track of recipes. Now, I share them with people just like me! You'll love it here. 

A journey
to Palestinian cuisine.

From traditional Palestinian Musakhan to Knafeh, I thoroughly enjoy preparing authentic recipes. I also enjoy other cuisines and adding my own personal touches!

A crust of Knafeh dough soaked in a sweet syrup and layered upon with cream and pistachios served in a cup

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A bouquet of brioche buns stuffed with mouth-melting date paste and drizzled with sesame seeds on top

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